You know what would be awesome?

A chance for fans of Shut Up! Cartoons to watch the 1st 4/6 episodes of the 1st 5 cartoons.

This DVD will feature episodes of the first 5 cartoons.

The 5 discs will be named:

  1. Do's & Don'ts
  2. Snowjacked
  3. Pubertina
  4. Krogzilla
  5. Zombies vs Ninjas

All discs will contain 4/6 episodes per disc, Bad words/Adult Content taken out (Even Derf's Middle Finger in Snowjacked 1), Comentary by Anothy & Ian, Easter Eggs, & Language Selects.

Special Features

Disc 1 - Do's & Don'ts

  • Behind the scenes
  • Zapped Episode of The Gym
  • Do's & Don'ts Guide

Disc 2 - Snowjacked

  • Forgien edited versions of other cartoons
  • Smosh Episode
  • Shut Up! Cartoons Music Video - One Night, One Life

Disc 3 - Pubertina

  • Y U NO LIKE ME?!?!?!?! Video
  • Orgianial Video

Disc 4 - Krogzilla

  • Krogzilla Trivia Game
  • Concepts of characters

Disc 5 - Zombies vs Ninjas

  • Stopmotion 101
  • Oishi High School Battle Episode - The Crush

It will also be released on Blu-Ray & UMD. and shall be region 0.

It should be released exclusivly on, Target, Walmart, Entertainment Earth, & the rest of the best online shopping sites.

I hope my dream comes true, even if it may be hard to do. I'm not expecting all the features I thought up to be on the DVD if it ever comes to existence, but Smosh & Creators of each cartoon make it, it would be a pleasure.

And sometime in the future, I also want Volume 2 with the other episodes, 2nd set, and so on.

Who agrees with my idea?