Rusty Sprinkler is a boy who Pubertina had a crush on in the episode with the same name.

Rusty Sprinkler
Rusty Sprinkler
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Black
Relationship Pubertina (one sided on her side)
Friends Pubertina, Deb
Cartoon Appearances Pubertina
Species Human
Likes Singing


Rusty SprinklerEdit

Rusty is shown to be a pardory of Justin Beiber and is shown to be self-centered. He does, however, show a little kindness to Pubertina.

Deb's Obsession Part 2Edit

Pubertina asked her fake friend, Rebecca, what her favorite Rusty Sprinkler song was, implying that despite her love for Andrew and Devin Nitley she still loves Rusty.